• Fundraising
First of all, you need to decide upon the type of fundraising activity you wish to participate in, and who you would like to be involved. There are hundreds of events to choose from, but it is probably best to start with an event that is linked to a hobby or pastime that you currently enjoy.

If you are a swimmer - a sponsored swim

If you are a runner - a fun run, a 5K, 10K, half or full marathon, with or without a team / fancy dress

If you are a cyclist - a sponsored bike ride - maybe for the whole family, with a well desrved BBQ or picnic at the end

If you are a chef - a cake bake, making lots of cakes to sell at work or at school

If you are musical - a gig /concert, at 12 or 24 hour (non stop) drumming session, a children's recital

If you are an adrenalin junkie - a bungee jump or abseil from the top of a very tall building

Whatever you do, we will support you! We can provide sponsor forms, help you to set up a justgivingpage, supply you with posters and flyers to promote your event nad generally be on hand to support and encourage you, so contact us to kick start your fundraising event today.

Once you have chosen your fundraising vent, try to identify the key ingredients you will need to make it a success, and then contact the AGF team to help you on your way.

We will do everything we can to ensure that you have:

  • Fun!
  • Are Challenged / bring healthy competition to the event
  • Organised
  • Fulfilled
  • And left feeeling that you want to do it again.....!
    • Getting Started

      You should feel extremely proud of yourself for dedicating fundraising for the AGF. We are aware however, that it may leave you feeling nervous about how you will do it, and doing it in time! Here are a few positive thoughts you should always keep in mind.
    • You will get there in the end

      Break down your fundraising target into small, manageable chunks and stick to a strict deadline of when and how you will make each amount. Doing this will reduce any anxiety about reaching your goal and will help you keep on track. Don't give up!

    Fundraising Support

    We are here to help. Please dont hesitate to contact us for fundraising materials such as balloons, t-shirts, wristbands, stickers, flyers and collection tins, and do let us know how you are getting on.

    People are generous

    Ask, once twice and ask again! Keep reminding people to sponsor you and don't take no for an answer. If your supporters want to know where their money is going, let them know that 100% of their donation will be helping to build better lives for the people of Haiti following the devasting earthquake of January 2010. Their money is providing education and investment where there otherwise would be none, and they should be proud of their sponsorship. You can also direct them to this website for further information www.andrewgrene.org.

    Pat yourself on the back

    Smile, and think of the good you are doing. Take a moment during your event to stop, look around, and feel great about what you have achieved. Every penny, pound, dollar, cent and euro will be put to good use by the Andrew Grene Foundation (all costs are covered by our generous corporate sponsors). You are doing something amazing to help other people and what better thought can there be to keep you going all the way to your fundraising target!

    Fundraising legalities

    When organising your fundraising activity always ensure that is poses no risk to yourself or others. It is your responsibility to make sure your event is safe and complies with any relevant regulations.

    Health and safety

  • Complete a "risk assessment" for your fundraising activity. Consider all possible risks like bad weather, trailing wires, physical obstructions and food hygiene.
  • Check out www.eatwell.gov.uk for the latest food regulations for events.
  • Alcohol and Entertainment

    Do you have the correct licences in place to serve alcohol and to hold entertainment? Speak to your local Council for further advice.

    Lotteries and raffles

  • If you are planning on holding a raffle and you are only selling raffle tickets at the event, you will not need a licence.
  • If you are selling tickets in advance, please contact the gambling commission or your local authority to obtain the relevent permissions.
  • Using the charity name and charity number

    You must display the correct charity name (Andrew Grene Foundation) and our chairity number 1137950 on all event publicity. This is a legal requiremment it is an offence not to do so.

    First aid

    Please make sure that there is adequate first aid cover for your event, if required. St John's Ambulance is a provider.


  • Anyone holding collection in a public place (the street, a park) needs a Street Collection Licence from the local authority. You will need to apply well in advance (at least a month) before the date of your collection, and longer during a busy period like Christmas.
  • To collect sponsorhip or donations on private property, such a s in a supermarket, a pub or train station, you simply need to get written permission of the store/station manager or landlord.
  • Although we really appreciate your support, the Andrew Grene Foundation cannot accept liability for any fundraising activity you undertake for our benefit. If you need insurance please make sure that you have this in place prior to the date of your event.
  • Tell people about it!

    Publicising and marketing your fundraising activities needn't be daunting. Take a look at our top tips and see what you could achieve.

    Marketing materials

  • When desigining posters please be sure that you use our charity identity in the right way (we can advise you on this).
  • Printed information (posters, flyers, tickets etc.) must have our registered charity number (1137950) desplayed and our logo must be used correctly.
  • Please email us for the logo fundraising@andrewgrene.org
  • Email us all material designs first for approval before you go to print.
  • Word of mouth and social networking

  • Word of mouth is one of the best (and cheapest!) ways of letting people know about your event.
  • Tell your friends, ask them to tell their friends and talk about your funrasising to anyone who will listen.
  • Network, network, network! Use Facebook, You Tube or Twitter to advertise our event.
  • Add a link from your JustGiving account to your Facebook page which will allow you to show your friends your fundraising progress.
  • Tell us the details of your event, and we could promote you through the Andrew Grene Foundation Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • Local press and radio

  • The press love a "human interest" story. Call your local papers and radio stations with details of your event and then follow it us with a press release and a good quality photo. Please get in touch with us for a sample press release to get you started.
  • If they want to interview an Andrew Grene Foundation representative please ask them to call the fundraising team on 07740 536538
  • Andrew Grene Foundation website

    Promote your event to people in your area by letting us know about hour event and we will put it in our events section on our website.

    Other ways to support us

  • Set up a regular giving donation
  • Think of the AGF in your will (further information on our website or contact us for more details)
  • Ask your employer about payroll giving and matched giving
  • Consider making a donation to the Andrew Grene Foundation in lieu of sending flowers at a funeral
  • Volunteer for the Andrew Grene Foundation
  • Volunteer to assist us at an Andrew Grene Foundation event
  • Join us on Facebook and Twitter