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  • Peter runs the New York Marathon

    Peter Holden will be flying from England to NYC on Friday November 4th 2011 in preparation for the ING NYC marathon on Sunday November 6th 2011.

  • Marathon

    Marathon Relay Challenge

    We are looking for teams of four to enter our Leicester Relay Challenge. This will go towards our miles for the AGF ........

  • Tache for Cash

    September is "Tache for Cash" Month for the P3 Group

    If you see any dodgy looking guys wandering around various offices belonging to the P3 group there is no need to call the police.........

  • Phil-London-Brighton

    Phil's London to Brighton Challenge

    I am doing the London to Brighton bike ride on Sunday 11th of September which is approximately 60 miles!
    You read correctly that I am intending to haul this athletic 18 stone body 60 miles on a bike over the South Downs.

  • just-2-tyred

    6 Wheels, 3 Guys, 3 Days

    On September 8th 2011, Simon Perutz, Michael Lyons and Mike Hennel will leave London to cycle the 234 miles to Paris in just 3 days.........