Harleen's artistic fundraising achievement

Harleen pictured on the right

Harleen's artwork

Harleen explains her reasons for fundraising for AGF:


"One of the main reasons I decided to help Haiti is the inspiration I had gotten from my school, Saddle River Day School, NJ. We had an alumnus visit us and tell us about her success in the visual arts field. The one painting that had particularly caught my attention was about the terrorist attacks on the twin towers on 9/11. I was moved by the care and thought put into the painting and from that day I have decided that every piece I ever paint will have a message to convey.

When we were choosing our themes for our pieces, I knew that I wanted to paint the story of the Haiti Earthquake of 2010. I felt that people needed to be reminded of the disaster that had affected so many innocent Haitians; people were moving on, forgetting the Haitian struggle.


The painting is of the dashboard of a car driving in Haiti as seen on the GPS. The driver sees the destruction and the innocent victims hidden in the merciless rubble, the strength that even the most fragile have to recover, and hope in the hibiscus flower emerging from the debris, only to look in the rear view mirror and see the beautiful past of Haiti.

After receiving so much appreciation for the painting I had made for school, I realized that I could contribute to the cause I had felt so strongly about; the painting could make a difference, no matter how small. I printed greeting cards with the painting on the cover and sold them for $5.00 a box, each containing 5 greeting cards and envelopes. The greeting cards have been sold at school events and all proceeds have gone to the Andrew Grene Foundation.

It is a pleasure to be helping the children and families of Haiti and I'm glad that I can be confident that the money is going to the right place. "


If you would like to purchase a pack of Harleen's cards please contact jane.holden@andrewgrene.org for details.