School children travel from miles around to attend school and gain an education

Temporary classrooms following quake

Children take pride in their uniform

One of our Foundation’s goals is to provide quality education for children. The AGF has now built a high school in Cite Soleil which will provide education for 250 14-18 year olds. This is in an area where previously there was no secondary education provided.

The Foundation will grant scholarships to some of the most promising students at Ecole Christ Roi to continue their education at University, an opportunity that otherwise would remain a distant dream. Photos and video interviews with four potential scholarship candidates in their final year are below.

Please get involved

Donate and help us raise funds to support the Andrew Grene Foundation scholarships, giving access to qulaity educationto children does make a transforamtional difference to thier lives.

Scholarship Candidates

Jeanne lives in Port-au-Prince and wants to study Agricultural Science, although she isn't sure she will get the opportunity. Her mother can't afford the costs of private university, and places in state school are scarce.

Lanissa wants to study medicine, she is specialising in Pediatrics.

Petruka would like to study medicine but due to financial constraints, will study to be a Secretary in order to save up to pursue her chosen career. Her parents are both teachers but can't guarantee on getting paid.

Stephanie wants to study political science following her exams.

Help us develop a better future by supporting education in Haiti

  • -$25 (£15) buys books and supplies for a student for a year

  • - $50 (£35) provides a daily meal for a student for a term - a significant gesture, as for many of them a school lunch can be a primary meal of the day

  • - $250 (£175) provides a scholarship to assist a student to attend a high quality secondary school. (costs include a uniform, shoes, books and transport)

Super-donor: Should you wish, it is also possible to sponsor an individual student. Schooling expenses and fees vary depending on whether student is attending school or university, and private or state-run, but allowing for variations the standard figure is roughly $5,000 (£3500) per year. (To give an idea of the range, tuition at the Union Secondary School in Port-au-Prince runs US $8,638, while tuition at Universite Notre-Dame d’Haiti is $4,500.) Students will be selected by their exam results, teachers’ reports, and interview to ensure maximum potential, and will be tracked on an ongoing basis as long as they are receiving the Foundation grants.