Business women supported by Fonkoze in the Aquin area

Fonkoze 'branch' meeting

Small business loans are made

The Andrew Grene Foundation will partner with the Fonkoze Microfinancing branch in Aquin and will create a new branch bringing support to a rural community not currently covered. Our organization will provide local women with small loans to start businesses and begin the journey from poverty to brighter, more hopeful independence. In parallel with the loans, we will provide “clients” with the basic literacy, numeracy and business skills that they will need to succeed in their small ventures.

Our aim is to bring this brand of energising, liberating microfinance to 900 women within the first 12 months. We are humbled and inspired by the stories we were told by existing clients.

Help us help the poorest by developing microfinance in Haiti

  • - $25 (£15) covers the cost of teaching one woman to read and write, the first big step to independence and economic mobility.

  • - $50 (£35) provides an initial microfinance loan to a client and the begining of a self enabled road out of poverty.

  • - $250 (£175) provides a second phase business loan to a client enabling the further development of a sustainable small business supporting family and community.